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About JokinMarc


Who is JokinMarc?

Musician, Photographer, Adventurer and Coffee addict

Hi i’m Joaquin Marco, the one behind Jokinmarc.

 I am 30 years old and I´m a professional musician and teacher from Basque Country, I play Double Bass. I studied classical music at the university of the Basque country. My interest in photography started a few years ago, testing techniques with a very old digital camera, but it wasn’t until august 2018 when I bought my first camera. With an Northern lights image I took one year after starting with photography, I was selected as one of the best northern lights photographer of 2020, being my work published in The Guardian, National Geographic and the BBC. Just two years after starting with photography y was shortlisted as finalist in the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards in the landscape category, in 2021. I think music has a lot of influence on my photography, when you play a piece of music you are looking for colors and feelings all the time, the sound and each chord sonority  creates sensations that make you escape from the moment.

This is what I try to get across with my photography, in which I am highly influenced by fantasy illustrators, books, movies, and of course by music.

Want to talk?

Send me a message if you are interested in asking me anything

My Vision

In my artistic pursuit, I go beyond the surface, aiming to recreate the profound emotions that the landscapes evoke in me. These images are not mere documentation; they are windows into the feelings etched in my mind after listening to a soul-stirring piece of music or envisioning landscapes inspired by the pages of a book. My creative vision intertwines with the gifts nature offers, resulting in photographs that transcend the boundaries of mere representation.

Digital photography has been a transformative force, allowing me to breathe life into my creative ideas and reproduce the intricate feelings associated with each moment. Through my lens, I invite viewers into an immersive experience, where they can sense the exhilaration of the journey and feel the resonance of nature’s grandeur. This fusion of personal connection and creative interpretation defines my artistic vision, making each image a unique expression of the emotions that weave through the tapestry of my encounters with the world.

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