About Me ii

Who is JokinMarc?

Musician, Photographer, Adventurer and Coffee addict


Hi I'm Joaquin Marco, the one behind Jokinmarc. I´m 26 years old and I´m a professional musician from Basque Country, I play Double Bass. I studied classical music at the university of the Basque country. My interest in photography started a few years ago, testing techniques with a very old digital camera, but it wasn't until two years ago (August 2018) when I bought my first camera, before that I took photos with my mobile phone . I think music has a lot of influence on my photography, when you play a piece of music you are looking for colors and feelings all the time, the sound and each chord sonority creates sensations that make you escape from the moment. This is what I try to get across with my photography, in which I´m highly influenced by fantasy illustrators, books, movies, and of course by music.

My artwork

With my images I try to recreate the feelings that the landscape transmitted to me when I took the photo, images that I have in my mind after listening to a piece of music, landscapes that I have imagined every time I read a book. I love to mix what nature offers us with my creative vision, so my photos are not documentary images of the landscape. Digital photography has changed the game and thanks to that I can recreate all those feelings and creative ideas.

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